Pro-Training Clicker Deluxe

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Pet Feature

Meet Tucker

Tucker is a German Shepherd Dog that loves the outdoors and enjoys going on multiple camping trips each year. His favorite activity is swimming at the lake. Typical of the breed, he is very social and loyal to his family.


Speed learning up to 50% by marking the precise moment good behavior occurs with the Pro-Training Clicker Deluxe.

Proven Training Principles

With the scientific method used at our Training Academy, you too can repeat positive behaviors that lead to rewards. Step-by-step quick-start training guide included.

Comfortable & Responsive

Easy to hold. Raised button prevents missed clicks. Stainless clicker won’t rust.

Deluxe Model with Wristband

Keeps the marker at your fingertips!

Country of Origin

Pro-Training Clicker Deluxe is made in China.


  • One size
    • 2.5″ long x 1.5″ wide x 1″ thick

Free Training Guide

Download our Pro-Training Clicker Guide to learn more.

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If your furniture has recently acquired a “distressed” look and your floor resembles Times Square after New Year’s Eve, you may have a dog with a chewing problem. Chewing is a normal pastime for dogs, but it can be an annoying, and even dangerous habit when items around the house go through indiscriminate taste-testing. With some patience and persistence your home can be one without teeth marks.

What People Are Saying

I purchased the Everlasting Bento Ball for my Rottie. I love this thing since it is the ONLY toy that she has NOT destroyed. She carries it everywhere even when there are no treats in it. Recently, she had to carry it to the vet when she had surgery–It's been her source of comfort.