TREAT Dispensing Roulette Wheel

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Pet Feature Jade was adopted by an instructor for Starmark Academy through the rescue dog training program while he was a student. She enjoys doing narcotics detection, off leash obedience exercises, clicker tricks and showing students how to teach new behaviors.


Fun is never a gamble with the Treat Dispensing Roulette Wheel!

Customizable Difficulty

Insert food into either “Easy” or “Hard” opening. Customize more by adjusting the dial inside.

Holds a Variety of Treats and Kibble

Easy to fill and works best with dry kibble or small treats—especially Interactive Treats.

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

Roulette Wheel is an interactive training puzzle toy for dogs looking for a challenge. Pushing down on the toy’s top spins the food inside causing it to be intermittently dispensed for a variable reward schedule to keep your dog physically and mentally engaged.

Turn Mealtime into Playtime

Feed your dog from the Roulette Wheel instead of a food bowl to keep them active and prevent them from eating too quickly.

Additional Features

Anti-slip bottom helps keep toy in place during play. Comes apart for easy cleaning. Not intended as a chew toy.

Country of Origin

Treat Dispensing Roulette Wheel is made in China.


  • One size
    • 9.75″ wide x 4.75″ high

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What People Are Saying

I gave my dog the Everlasting Fire Plug and he went wild with excitement. He kept busy gnawing at it for most of the evening and when I looked at it it didn't even look like he ate any of it. This really is an exceptional product and has kept Paddington entertained. I will definitely push the Everlasting Treat products. Thank you so very much.

–Marilyn – Fire Plug