Pro-Training Hands-Free LEASH
Pet Feature

Meet Hurley

Hurley enjoys clicker tricks, agility, and off-leash obedience.  He belongs to a Starmark Academy instructor and works as a demonstration dog for students.


Built for running and training.

Hands-Free Technology

Easily fits around waist or chest for hands-free use.

Multiple Configurations

Converts to slip lead. Two dog compatible. Adjustable tether. Length adjusts 4′-7’8″.

Made with Permathane

Soft and flexible material for a broken-in feel. Waterproof and wipes clean.

Country of Origin

Pro-Training Hands-Free Leash is made in China.


  • One size
    • 93″ long x 0.45″ wide

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Featured Training Tip

Playing with a dog that loves to run and frolic, or just watching him from the sidelines, is one of the delights of having a canine companion. But maybe your dog doesn’t ever want to take a break. Maybe he wants to keep playing catch long after your elbow is ready for the ice pack, or he literally runs circles around you when he is off-lead. If your dog is like the Energizer Bunny and just keeps going, and going, and going, he may not be just active—he may be hyperactive.

What People Are Saying

The Pro-Training Collar has allowed my pet and I to enjoy an entirely new level of companionship. I implemented your training collar during our walks. We now look forward to long walks that serve to strengthen our relationship and understanding of one another. Great product- I will recommend it to all my friends.

–Russ – Collar