Pro-Training Hands-Free LEASH
Pet Feature

Meet Hurley

Hurley enjoys clicker tricks, agility, and off-leash obedience.  He belongs to a Starmark Academy instructor and works as a demonstration dog for students.


Built for running and training.

Hands-Free Technology

Easily fits around waist or chest for hands-free use.

Multiple Configurations

Converts to slip lead. Two dog compatible. Adjustable tether. Length adjusts 4′-7’8″.

Made with Permathane

Soft and flexible material for a broken-in feel. Waterproof and wipes clean.

Country of Origin

Pro-Training Hands-Free Leash is made in China.


  • One size
    • 93″ long x 0.45″ wide

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Featured Training Tip

Being dragged down the street by a dog that does not walk quietly on a leash can drain most of the pleasure out of a walk and make it almost impossible to walk in company. While your dog gasps and wheezes for air because he is pulling so hard, you are forced to bound toward an interesting scent or a tempting tree. What should be an enjoyable walk turns into a grim tug of war. Pulling on a leash may seem like an unmanageable problem, but by using Starmark techniques it can be overcome.

What People Are Saying

It's almost as if Sadie is a completely new dog. Her attention problems have been completley solved thanks to the clicker. We're working with your other products now to keep up these results.