GripCord Chew Balls
Pet Feature Tracer is in training to be a service dog for disabled veterans. He is full of energy and loves clicker work and retrieving. He is very active in all his training and motivated to please.


Virtually indestructible ball with easy-grip cord or loop.

A Ball That Does It All

Perfect for retrieval play or tug, and floats in water.

Tested Dog Tough!

Ball is stronger than rubber with new, more durable cord.

Easy Grip

Rubberized cord is comfortable and easy to grip in the hand.

Safe for Teeth and Gums

The ball is soft and safe for teeth and gums: safer than a tennis ball and free of latex, vinyl, and phthalates.

Country of Origin

GripCord Chew Balls are made in China.


  • Medium/Large
    • 3.3″ wide x 3.2″ high / Loop: 8″
    • 3.3″ wide x 3.2″ high / Cord: 20″
  • Medium
    • Ball: 2.7″ wide x 2.5″ high / Loop: 8″
    • Ball: 2.7″ wide x 2.5″ high / Cord: 20″

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What People Are Saying

My dogs finish most interactive toys in under an hour, but because of the tasty Everlasting Treats, they are kept occupied for many hours at a time, eliminating boredom or stress from being alone. I recommend this product to rescue groups, shelters, dogs with separation anxiety or that are left alone for long periods. Actually, I recommend this to ANYONE with a dog.

–Dave – Everlasting Treats