AquaFOAM Orca
Pet Feature

Meet Tracer

Tracer is in training to be a service dog for disabled veterans.  He loves to retrieve and is full of energy.  He also loves clicker work.  Tracer is very active in all his training and motivated to please.


Fun to retrieve water toy!

Instructional Video – how to properly use the Aquafoam Toys

Floats Upright

Light foam material combined with a weighted bottom helps toy float upright with any throw.

Soft and Lightweight

Soft in the mouth and safe for teeth and gums.  Safer than a tennis ball.

Made for Water Play

Buoyant material for fun at the lake, beach, or pool!

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What People Are Saying

I gave my dog the Everlasting Fire Plug and he went wild with excitement. He kept busy gnawing at it for most of the evening and when I looked at it it didn't even look like he ate any of it. This really is an exceptional product and has kept Paddington entertained. I will definitely push the Everlasting Treat products. Thank you so very much.

–Marilyn – Fire Plug